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For those problems that cannot be fixed surgically we offer a variety of fillers and injections that can reduce, or even eliminate the problem. BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane, injections offered at our practice in can minimize the appearance of fine lines or deeper wrinkles on your face and neck. These injections have been effectively used to decrease the appearance of lines between your nose and corner of your mouth, creases between the mouth and chin, crow's feet around the eyes, or frown lines on the forehead. While surgical options can improve some of these problems, BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane, provide a safe, inexpensive option with minimal recovery time.

For further reduction of wrinkles and correction of blemishes, microdermabrasion can provide the desired skin refinement.

BOTOX® Cosmetic (Botulinum toxin)
A very popular treatment for forehead creases, we offer BOTOX® Cosmetic injections at our practice. BOTOX® Cosmetic works by weakening the muscles that pull on the skin and form a wrinkle. It is superior to collagen for improving the deep vertical creases between the eyebrows (frown lines, horizontal furrows on the forehead) surprise lines, and crow's feet (squint lines to the side of the eyes). As BOTOX® Cosmetic does not cause allergic reactions, no test dose is needed.

The beauty of a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment is that it's a simple, 10-minute, non-surgical process. A few tiny injections, and within days there can be a noticeable improvement in the moderate to severe frown lines between the brows that can last up to 4 months. Results may vary. And there's no recovery time. You can even do it on your lunch break.

If you discontinue treatment, the frown lines between your brows gradually will look like they did before treatment.

Before the procedure
You'll probably be seated in a reclining chair, much like you find in a dentist's office. No anesthesia is required, although your doctor may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream.

The procedure
Your doctor will determine where to administer the injections by examining your ability to move certain muscles in your brow area. The entire BOTOX® Cosmetic injection procedure takes approximately 10 minutes.
- Your doctor will administer several tiny injections of BOTOX® Cosmetic directly into the muscles that cause those moderate to severe frown lines between the brows.
- Your doctor will determine where to administer the injections by examining your ability to move certain muscles in your brow area. The location, size, and use of the muscles that create a furrowed brow vary markedly among individuals.
- You can expect to be in and out of the physician's office without downtime. You may see a marked improvement in the moderate to severe frown lines between your brows within days. Improvement may continue for as long as a month, and could last up to 4 months.

After the procedure
There's no recovery time needed. You're ready to get on with your day! The most common side effects following injection include temporary eyelid droop and nausea. Localized pain, infection, inflammation, tenderness, swelling, redness, and/or bleeding/bruising may be associated with the injection. Patients with certain neuromuscular disorders such as ALS, myasthenia gravis, or Lambert-Eaton syndrome may be at increased risk of serious side effects.

Seeing results
Within days, you may notice an improvement in the moderate to severe frown lines between your brows that can last up to 4 months. Results may vary.

If you're pleased with the results of a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, you'll probably want to get on a treatment schedule so you can keep on being pleased.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is approved for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people ages 18-65.

Talk to your doctor about whether BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you. (Search for an experienced member of the BOTOX® Cosmetic Physicians')

Do not use BOTOX® Cosmetic if you:
- have an infection where BOTOX® Cosmetic will be injected
- are allergic to any of the ingredients in BOTOX® Cosmetic
- are pregnant or think you might be pregnant.

What should I tell my doctor before using BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Only your doctor can decide if BOTOX® Cosmetic is right for you. Before starting treatment, tell your doctor if you:
- have any diseases that affect your nerves and muscles. These diseases may increase your chance of side effects with BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment.
- are breastfeeding
- are planning to become pregnant soon.
Can any of my medicines interact with BOTOX® Cosmetic?
Be sure that your doctor knows the names of all the medicines you are using, including:
- antibiotics used to treat infections, such as gentamicin, tobramycin, clindamycin, and lincomycin
- medicines used to treat heart rhythm problems, such as quinidine
- medicines used to treat different conditions, such as myasthenia gravis or Alzheimer's disease.
As with all prescription medicines, you should also notify your doctor if you are taking any over-the-counter medicines or herbal products.
This is not a complete list of medicines that can interact with BOTOX® Cosmetic. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for the Professional Package Insert for complete information.

Restylane is another filler material that our practice uses to enhance lips or eliminate wrinkles. During treatments, Restylane is injected beneath the skin covering deep lines, or into the lips, providing a firm, full appearance. Restylane is a man-made, FDA-approved material. It is manufactured from hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar/protein complex present in the body, which significantly decreases the likelihood of an adverse reaction. Because it is smooth, soft and long lasting (it lasts almost twice as long as collagen, or four to eight months), Restylane is rapidly replacing collagen as the material of choice, not only at our office, but also through the entire world.

Restylane® is indicated for treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds. After your treatment, you might have some redness or swelling. This will normally last less than seven days. Avoid excessive sun and UV lamp exposure, and extreme cold weather until any redness or swelling disappear. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have severe allergies, or under 18, you shouldn't use Restylane. Ask your physician if Restylane is right for you.

Restylane is a cosmetic dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that already exists in the human body. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane is a crystal-clear gel called NASHA™ or Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid. NASHA is completely biocompatible with human hyaluronic acid.

Restylane maintains its shape using the body's own moisture. The hyaluronic acid in Restylane is hydrophilic or "water loving." As hyaluronic acid gradually degrades, each molecule binds to more water and over time, the same volume can be maintained with less hyaluronic acid. This ability of hyaluronic acid to bind to water is what helps provide lasting results.

Unlike rooster-derived hyaluronic acids and bovine collagen products, Restylane is free from animal proteins. This limits any risk of animal-based disease transmissions or development of allergic reactions to animal proteins.

The needle used to inject BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane, is finer than a strand of hair. This, and the nature of the injections, means that there is no recovery period; you can go out to dinner the night following your injection looking a little younger than you did that morning!

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